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Day 2

: 20th January

Had the most amazing and varied day today. We started by taking a minibus to the world war II cemetary which was beautifully kept and so peaceful before driving to the Prisoner of War meseum, the Jeath Museum. Although, small it was again interesting and situated along the River Kaiw provided us with lots of photo oppurtunities. The area surrounding the river is purely geared towards tourists. We walked past one enterance to a shop/indoor market where there was a leopard and its cub posed on a table ready for people to pat it or feed it a bottle of milk! Following this we had a lengthy, quite crazy, drive to the most scenic location where we were able to do elephant trekking. This was so much fun, although left you with a bit of a num bum! We were lucky enough to be riding on a female elephant who had recently given birth and so her calf followed us the whole way! For lunch we had a thai buffet on board a floating bamboo restaurant, v.scrumy! After which we travelled down the river on a bamboo raft, putting your feet in the water was so refreshing in the baking heat. Continuing the water theme we then drove to a waterfall. The climax of the day however was vising the Tiger Temple. As this is an open park I was quite wary and didnt know quite what to expect. We walked on until we reached the canyon. At the bottom of the canyon were a dozen tigers which were chained, yet had shade and were frequently given water. I dont know how much I agreed with it though as people queued to have photos taken with the tigers. Both Trev and I had photos taken which was pretty amazing. After this a monk lead the tigers out of the canyon and we were able to walk with it. Trev signed up to have a more personal enconter! He, along with several others, joined the tigers when they were let off unchained to play in the bottom of the canyon, chasing toys and splashing in the water. Being a bit of a chicken I had to wait to see the photos after which are great. Tomorrow we leave for Australia. Both of us have had a fantastic time in Bangkok despite arriving and not knowing what to expect, and have said that we would love to come back. A good two/ three days though in Bangkok has been enough for us as you are constantly hassled and the air is thick with fumes and smoke and so would prefer to visit the coast on another occassion.

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Day 1

: 19th January 2011

After a long flight we arrived ahead of schedule in Bangkok. In contrast to rainy England, the weather is soo hot here, around 30 degrees. Our, hotel on Khoa San Road is basic but great for what we need. It is just set back from the manic main road. This morning we took a tuk tuk tour of the main sights in the nearby area, including Lucky Buddha, which was 100 bahts, around two english pounds for the morning. During our tour we stopped to book a day excursion for tomorrow when we will be visiting a world war II cemetary plus waterfall in addition to doing elephant trekking, bamboo rafting and journeying to the Tiger Temple. Later today Trev and I had a fish spa which was interesting! We're off for dinner now but will be updating soon!

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year out adventure

overcast 8 °C

Em and Trev will be departing UK on 17th Jan for our 7 month adventure

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