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Gold Coast/ Brisbane

28th February - 3rd March 2001

Following Fraser Island, Trev and I spent a couple of days planning the subsequent weeks in Austrlia. We decided that the best way to see the most of Queensland would be to drive ourselves, so on Thursday we said good bye to Mark and his girlfriend Rachel and picked up a campervan from Brisbane, which we have called daisy, as it is covered in flowers!

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Fraser Island

24th February - 27th February 2011

On Thursday, we drove to Hervey Bay where we picked up the 4WD we would use over the following days. Due to the sandy terrain on Fraser you are not permitted to drive on the island unless in a 4WD. Having taken the barge across to Fraser we drove to south Eurong where we would be staying. Despite the sand being quite firm from previous rain I literally felt like i had fractured every bone in my body by the time we arrived! The following day we drove to the iconic Lake McKenzie which was beautiful, the water was really clear and the sand white. Subsequently, we went to Lake Wabby which contrasted completly. It was a bit of a trek to the lake through forest and then up the side of a sand dune, which formed one side of the lake, but so worth it! The environment was stunning. The lake was more merky but still lovely to swim in. Later on in the afternoon we tried out some beach driving which was good fun and headed north to the Maheno shipwreck, we also saw our first wild dingo on the beach. We woke up early on the second day to try and beat the crowds of tourists at the champagne pools. The rocks in the northern part of the island have created several saltwater pools which are ideal for swimming. Subsequently, we drove the northern forest route and stopped off at Knife Blade Sand Blow and Lake Allom. We were hoping to go swimming, but when we got there must have counted at least twenty turtles, so thought it may not be advisable! On our last day, we climbed Indian Heads, a headland on the north east of the island. Here we spotted another snake in the grass and I then had a mini paddy trying to decided whether to go up or down! The views at the top however, were spectucular and you could see out over the ocean and sand dunes. Trev and I really enjoyed Fraser Island, the weather, wildlife and scenery were fantastic, and we were sad to leave on the Sunday.

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Gold Coast

15th February - 23rd February 2011

On the afternoon of the 15th Trev and I flew into Coolangata Airport where we were greeted by Mark, one of Trev's friends from Zimbabwe. We then drove up the Gold Coast to where he lives in Labrador. By just driving though the area, the feeling contrasted considerably with that of some of the more relaxed places we have visited, with numerous sky rises, shopping centres, nightclubs and bright lights depicting a tourist mecca! That evening we went into Surfers Paradise, where this was emphasised! On our second day, Mark drove Trev and I to Lamington National Park. It took us quite a while to reach the park as it is at the top of a series of mountains but the panoramic views were spectacular. Wildlife is abundant in the park, especially bird life. We bought a tray of bird seed and within seconds of stepping out with it were covered in brightly coloured birds, and walked away with the sratches to prove it! Afterwards, we went walked along the treetop board walk, and later saw our first wiild snake, needless to say I pooped myself! The following day we drove the stretch of the Gold Coast starting at Surfers Paradise and ending at Point Danger where we watched the surfers at the Queensland/ News South Wales border. We stopped off at numerous lookouts, beaches and shopping centres and despite being pleasant the coast line is a great deal more developed than that of the other places we have visited. Friday morning was spent at one of the outlet stores close to Mark's house, and the afternoon at Main Beach. On Saturday, however, we travelled up to Tawoomba to where Mark's Mum lives. This was the area which was greatly hit by the recent floodings, and Kate told us many harrowing stories about the disaster. Although, despite seeing some fallen trees and debris wrapped around fences there is hardly any other evidence of the flooding, and it was hard to imagine when Mark was pointing out the location of shark sightings above the highway that the floods ever occurred! The next day we travelled up the Sunshine Coast from Kate's house to visit Australia Zoo which Trev and I were both really excited about! Even though admission was expensive and I was melting in the forty degree heat, the day was really good fun. Trev, who idolisies Steve Irwin especially had a good time! In addition to watching some shows in the "Croceseum!" we saw many other native Australian animals. Monday was equally action packed as we visited Dreamworld and White Water World back down south! The Gold Coast is renowned for its theme parks and this one didn't dissapoint, particularly the "Giant Drop" and "The Tower of Terror"! After a couple of more relaxed days, Trev, Mark and myself travelled up to Tawoomba again so as to meet Kate and head to Fraser Isand for the weekend.

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3rd Feb - 15th Feb 2011

Trev and I had the most fantastic time in Sydney and met some great people. We were based in a house with about fifteen other people on the Clovelley coast line. Despite being slightly uni-esk and moudly it was great for the week or so that we spent in the area. Walking down to the beach on the evening of our first night we realised what a fantastic location we were in. Coogee Beach is lovely, atmospheric yet not too touristy. The following couple of days were spent near or on Coogge Beach, whilst Trev's best friend from uni, Will, and his girlfriend Sian, who were also staying in the same house, were at work. On the Friday evening Trev and I ventured to The Rocks, near Circular Quay and visited the evening markets which was fantastic. Seeing the sights around Circular Quay, the main transport hub, all illuminated was spectacular especially the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Saturday was quite possibly the hottest day ever as Sydney was hit by a heat wave. It literally felt like someone was blowing a hair dryer in your face! Therefore, Trev and I spent most of the day lying under a tree next to the beach showers! That evening we took the bus to Bondi. Having heard mixed reviews regarding Bondi I was quite apprehensive as to what I would make of the iconic area. However, at night it was hard to formulate an opinion and having just experienced the night life it was hard to judge. Sunday was equally as humid and perhaps not the best day that we chose to visit the Opera House and Botanic Gardens! Regardless the gardens were beautiful, although due to the weather, a large majority of it was really dry. We had great fun on the Monday, as all four of us went on a jet boat around the Harbour, which was hilarious! It was a great way to see the Harbour though, and as well as seeing a nudist beach, we also saw where Mission Impossible was filmed! After driving to the enterance of the Harbour we headed to the other side of the Bridge and saw Luna Park plus the most amazing apartments. At the end of our 45 minutes we were also absolutly drenched despite wearing very glamorous floor length rain coats! In the afternoon we went to a rooftop pub which overlooked the city and subsequently made our way to Darling Harbour. I thought Darling Harbour was especially stylish and glamorous and with yucky seawater hair and Trev sporting a large wet patch on his bottom, I felt slightly out of place! Nonetheless we had a great time having drinks on Cockle Bay Wharf. The following day we walked the stretch from Coogee to Bondi. Even though it is really hilly the walk is quite spectacular; as you pass a gigantic graveyard which is used in many films, plus Tamarama, Bronte and Clovelley Beaches. There are also numerous exercise stations lining the route. The panoramic view of Bondi is amazing, yet I didn't feel the beach is as great as everyone raves about. However, when Trev was swimming in the sea he did come across two penguins! We had a fanastic day on Wednesday, Trev and I went into the city and firstly walked around the Opera House before heading into The Rocks from where we walked up onto the Harbour Bridge and up the many stairs to the top of one of the pylons, which enabled us to get a detailed view of the structure and make up of the Bridge plus 360 degree views out over the city. In the afternoon we took the ferry over to Manly, and walked part of the Manly Scenic Walkway, which leads west out from the town. Subsequently, we walked down the Corso to Manly Beach before jumping back on the ferry just as the sun was setting. The couple of days after were spent in the local area. We were hoping to go to the Blue Mountains but due to the weather turning and it becoming overcast, we were advised that it would not be worthwhile to visit due to poor visibility. Monday, however was one of the best days spent in Sydney. In the morning we went to Sydney Aquarium. The aquarium houses so many species, including many species of shark which was fascinating. Also, throughout the aquarium are many models made out of lego, including a whale! Following the aquarium we went for lunch at Darling Harbour, followed by pancakes at The Rocks and then headed over to the Opera House in the evening.

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Day's 4-12

sunny 40 °C

After a long couple of days and lengthy stop over in Perth we eventually arrived in Melbourne, and headed straight to the hostel in the central city. The following morning we ventured into the city. Despite being based on a navigale grid system we still managed to get lost in the city centre! Our expressions must have lead us to be identified as "the lost tourists!" and consequently some friendly locals directed us to Federation Square, the focal point of the centre. The atmosphere is vibrant and 'buzzy' as masses of multi ethnic individuals congregate on the main street. Federation square is architectually fascinating. Plus, with numerous street entertainers and dozens of eateries being positioned opposite the historic Flinders Street Station it is the perfect place to just sit and watch. That afternoon we walked along the banks of the Yarra River where we got a great view of the Sports Precinct and Alexandra Gardens. The following day we travelled to Melbourne Zoo. The temperature was slightly cooler and it was more overcast making it more comortable to walk around. Both Trev and I were very impressed with the zoo. A great diversity of species are housed at the zoo. A highlight was the underwater section where we saw both marine life and seals. The following morning we walked to Degraves Street, where it was suggested by the hostel staff we eat breakfast, which although pricey was excellent. Throughout, all of Melbourne there seems to be a great cafe culture however it seems to be accentuated on this particular street, with table after table lining it! Subsequently, we took the tram to St. Kilda, which we were less impressed with! The area of very touristy and I don't think portrays Australia's beaches in the best light! Despite enjoying our stay in the centre we were ready to move on after a few days and on the Wednesday travelled to Mornington Peninsula to stay with family friends. It was lovely to move out of the city and enjoy the picturesque coastal scenery. Having arrived on Australia Day we drove into the local town in the evening were we ate fish and chips on the beach whilst watching an amazing fire work display in the bay. Since then we have been really busy, visiting a range of attractions and discovering local spots, for example Sorrento and Portsea. We also went back into the city on Friday evening and walked along the Southbank before going to the MCG to watch a state game, which may have made me a cricket convert! Having climbed to the top of the stands we could see the Rod Laver Arena where the Australian Open is being staged. The majority of Saturday was spent on the beautiful Phillip Island, where we saw a mother and baby koala at the Koala Conservation Centre, fed kangaroos and wallabies at a wildlife centre and patiently waited for the penguins to waddle up Summerland Beach as they journeyed from the ocean to their burrows. It was amazing to see the penguins, (through the crowds of tourists!) who are tiny! Today it has been forty degrees! However we have spent most of our day in a nice air conditioned car, as we drove down the Great Ocean Road. The views are exquisite. The hours spent driving a well worth it especially when we got to see the Twelve Apostles which clearly illustrate the power of nature.

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